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Here's what our students are saying...

Hi Carol,  Uttitha Trikonasana is the new cure-all beating out Supta Padangustasana.  I slept soundly las night for the first time in weeks with any right-sidedness spasms which I now know were caused by problems at the SI joint.  It was fixed after class as I thought because I got an adjustment at the joint.  Thank you my amazing teacher!  And as always with gratitude to Manouso and Guruji, who is always with us.  Marilyn, Stuart FL, October 2014.

In 2006 I was involved in a car accident that left me in considerable pain and resulting weakness in my arms and back.  My back hurt and I could not raise my arms to shoulder level.  I had limited head movement.  I didn’t know what to do about the pain.  In 2008 I fell while sailing and fractured my back.  I was a basket case through 2009.  My pain was unbearable and my movement was limited.  I tried seeing several chiropractors, massage therapists and did light exercise and walking.  I did 15 acupuncture treatments with a well-regarded specialist.  Success was very limited and non-enduring.  The cost/benefit was totally disappointing.  I came to the Yoga Center of Stuart at the insistence of a friend and signed up for a Level 1 class not knowing if this would be for me.  I am fortunate that I stumbled onto this Iyengar yoga group.  Because of the fabulous staff, personalized help, and range of classes available I have benefited very much.  At my last check-up my doctor recommended that I continue my yoga classes and substitute swimming for all the walking I had been doing.  I can now raise my arms to reach items up high, and do it pain-free.  I can reach down and touch to floor without pain in my legs or back.  I am extremely confident that with time and continued support from the friendly and helpful staff at the Yoga Center of Stuart I will totally recover.  I turned 65 this year and now feel that I have many more years of flexibility and mobility left in me.  Thanks Joanie, Carol, Kristine and Gary!!    -JDB, Hobe Sound

 "I can't say enough about the Therapeutic Class.  It has helped me so much with the pain in my shoulders due to arthritis.  I can now sleep through the night without waking up and have better mobility of my arms.  Carol and Joanie were just wonderful!  I have been taking yoga here mostly in Joanie's classes for the past 12 years.  I have never found a studio to equal this one.  I always look forward to getting back to Florida in the fall for this reason."   -Fran, Jensen Beach

"I started taking yoga classes in 2001 as a passive way to get some exercise.  Eight years later, seven of those years under Gary's compassionate, humorous and knowledgeable instruction, I am physcially stonger in my yoga practice.  More importantly, I am more balanced and confident in my life in general.  My yoga practice is no longer passive; it is now mentally and physically active.  I have also had the unexpected bonus of frversing the physical limitations caused by a back injury.  It has truly changed my life for the better.  I offer my gratitude to Usha and Mahen for providing the community with such a wonderful yoga Center and to the teachers for instilling in me the love of yoga."  -Gail, Stuart 

"I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, an advanced form of M.S.  This is a fulltime, active disease which there is no cure.  The practice of yoga has improved the quality of my life.  I no longer need the use of a wheelchair or cane.  I have learned how to handle the muscle spasms and chronic pain using the many positions, breathing and meditation.  Through this practice, I have reduced the amount of medications used mainly for pain.  I will continue my practice for the rest of my life--even if a cure for M.S. is found."  -Catherine, Port St. Lucie

"Having done yoga since 1976 for a bad back, I was thrilled to find the Yoga Center of Stuart when I moved to the area.  The teaching is first-rate and I feel better than ever"  -Eileen, Port St. Lucie

"When I got up from the dinner table last evening, I was pain-free for the first time in months.  I attribute this to my yoga class."  -Margaret, Stuart

 "Yoga has been the best thing for me.  It has helped me with my back, my neck and has given me strength.  I enjoy yoga and Joanie is a great instructor.  Thank you, Diane, Stuart

"About seven years ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a yoga class with her.  The thinking was pretty much that this was just something different to try in the New Year.  So off we went the the Yoga Center of Stuart.  What have I gained in seven years of study?  I am much more aware of my posture.  When I am home and zeroing in on quiet time for mediation, I am now acutely aware of my breathing.  I enjoy working a good 'mountain pose' while watching major league baseball games on TV.  And, you know "I'm hooked", so to speak, when I offer that I can practice my 'tree pose' while brushing my teeth before bed!!!  In all, I am in much better shape that I was seven years ago.  I'm more fit, stronger, and I feel better about myself.  I can't recall what my expectations were at the time that I first attended my yoga class, but as I now contemplate how important my weedly classes are, I am forever grateful to that friend who made the initial suggestion."  -Teri, Palm City

"Carol's influence in my life and my yoga practice has made me a much stronger person mentally, physically and spiritually.  I thank her for all she has done to make me feel more like a yogi and help me understand yoga on a deeper level.  It is a long process but I feel I have made progress because of her." -Cathie, Stuart