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What to Bring: 
We are a fully-equipped studio with a large yoga room. We provide all the props you would use in a class. These props are: blocks, blankets, foam pads, and belts.  We do have some mats but we recommend you bring your own mat. Please have your name on a corner of the mat,  to distinguish it from the others.
Food and Water:
Come to class with an empty stomach. We suggest that you do not eat within 2 hours of class.  We recommend that you hydrate with water up to one hour before class. Hydrating after class is recommended be we don't recommend a heavy intake of water during class. If one has to drink water during class, intake in moderation should suffice. Do bring a bottle of water with you since it is important to stay hydrated, but if you forget, don’t worry, we do have water cooler on site.
What to Wear:
Yoga is best practiced in comfortable clothing and bare feet. It is always best to wear shorts and a t-shirt or dance style leggings and a t-shirt. Please do not wear buckles, belts, or jewelry that will restrict your movement. Additionally, baggy clothing is not suitable for a yoga class; it inhibits the teacher’s ability to check your alignment. As a courtesy to other students, please do not wear perfumes or heavy scents to class.
Special Physical Needs:
Be sure to let your teacher know about any injuries, physical limitations, or medical conditions so s/he can modify poses for you.